Stonies – Restaurant

Develop a distinct brand voice and build a brand strategy and identity that would rightly distinguish it from the rest.


As a company in an industry cluttered with poor design and branding, my challenge was to steer away from the design the client requested and create something that would be just as unique as the product with a more deliberate approach.

Approaching the cannabis industry with a brand-first mindset meant entering mainly untested territory. The audience of “stoners” and medical patients rarely expect branding that captures their attention.



Establishing an identity and uplifting experience with a curious personality.

By telling brand and product stories centered around the experiences that you have in clothing, and not the actual garments themselves, we could establish a position and point-of-view that differentiates and connects with a like-minded culture of individuals.



We worked alongside the team at BB Dakota to establish a strategy aligned with the brand’s ambition and their audience’s desires. From identity and messaging, to the digital platform and content within it, we brought their personality forward to establish an experience that expresses their brand point-of-view: “It’s only Fashion.”

In doing so, we created a brand ecosystem where customers can connect with content that they’re interested in, and shop for things they value–products that support their lifestyle and add something to their lives.